a different kind of free.

25. I'm a pediatric SLP. i call texas home. speechlovetx.blogspot.com


Ashley Fiolek —Deaf Motocross racer and WMA Pro National Champion (2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012)

"I’m deaf but it doesn’t matter. I can do whatever I want." f ya

When you doubt your strength.

Remember all the beautiful things in the world. And remember all the others who have tried to love again with what little they had left after pledging it all for infinity. Remember that you are the bravest of the brave, because you choose to believe in an existence where one day you will find a different love, yet one that runs just as deep. And though you feel cracks that you think must run to the stone cold bottom of your heart, you allow your heart to be warmed and those cracks to be filled with things that may be temporary and distractions, you realize, but are also very good. You are the bravest of the brave because you refuse to let the world you knew change and leave you behind in its wake. You didn’t need that universe anyway. You may be but a hint of a shining star, fluttering in the darkness, hiccuping tears, yet your hope is expansive enough to swallow the darkness whole.